Counter Flow Classifier is widely used in threshing industries. The Counter Flow Classifier is a closed loop separator this contains Casing assembly, Separating chamber & Hood.
  • Product enters the Separating chamber through main doffer which spreads the tobacco across the chamber.
  • Heavies are thrown back across the chamber again with a secondary doffer.
  • Vertical airflow through a perforated Metal band to remove the lights through the discharge hood, while the heavies float on the Metal band and are carried our the discharge side.
  • A perforated metal band avoids tracking problems and minimizes maintenance. Provision made for easy removal of metal band.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Variable speed for Main doffer is part of the panel.
  • Separating chamber with see-through doors.
  • Air control dampers to adjust air flow.
  • Maintenance door for Metal band cleaning.
  • Illumination chamber for lighting.
  • Separators are provided with single or double fan depending on width of classifier.
  • Mounted on legs to bottom cleaning.
  • Heavies from classifier can be removed in several ways like Straight discharges on to another classifier, Airlock discharge or through a venture duct.
  • Sizes range 1200, 1500, 1800, 2400, 3000 & 3600 wide
Thresher is designed to efficiently strip lamina from stem when processing conditioned leaf or butts.
  • Mild steel plate construction
  • Hinge rod pivoted front and rear doors provide access to a central rotor, as on option motorised door can be provided, which is mounted on plummer block bearings and supported from the main casing.
  • Adjustable position, stationary comb teeth are located within the base of each door secured in upper and lower machined grooves with central tie rods.
  • Product entry is through the top inlet, passing through the thresher and basket to the lower exit aperture of the casing
  • The thresher baskets are interchangeable and are located in the thresher, and clamped in position by both doors when closed.
  • AC variable speed drive is part of the panel
  • Threshers are fully guarded with door interlock switches for safety and a support stand to suit application
  • Adjustable tooth spacing
  • Quick-change tooth bars for easy adjustment and maintenance
  • Variety of basket sizes
  • Heavy-duty tapered roller bearings
  • Sizes range 600, 750, 900, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2400, 3000 & 3600
Stem Tester is fast, accurate laboratory determination of tobacco stem content in lamina from threshing line and indicating thresher efficiencies in just minutes, Dickinson Fowler supplies complete machine, including electrical components and the control panel.
  • The sample is spread on the conveyor and switched on
  • The conveyor automatically feeds the thresher through vibratory conveyor at a closely uniform rate
  • The thresher basket size and rotor speed combine to reduce the average size of the sample with the minimum quantity of fines
  • The threshed sample is pneumatically conveyed to the separator and is discharged in to the tower separator
  • In tower separator the lamina is removed from the threshed material and conveyed to a second tangential separator
  • Second tangential separator discharges this lamina to a collection box
  • The heavies from the separator are returned via the vibrating conveyor to the thresher for re-threshing
  • This cycle of operation continues until completion of test, usually 4 minutes
  • Stems are collected in a box after opening a gate provided in the vibe.
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