• This new generation Inclined Bale Slicer is of unique design.
  • Slices the dry compressed tobacco cases or bales uniformly.
  • Capacity of up to 7000 kgs/hr, depending on slice thickness and number of slices.
  • Slicer can be positioned either inline or perpendicular to the feed line, depending on the layout.
  • Direct conditioning and casing cylinder is a co-flow lamina conditioning equipment.
  • Gently opens the sliced bale.
  • Presents the opened lamina uniformly for conditioning and casing application.
  • Size of the cylinder is dependent on the throughput of the plant.
  • Provided with a stand alone control cubicle, where in all the steam valves are housed, thus easing the maintenance.
  • Admoist Stem Conditioner has been developed to raise both moisture and temperature of product, whilst achieving complete penetration of conditioning throughout the cross-section of individual particles.
  • The Admoist technique is so effective that it has been possible to condition stems from 11% to 50% moisture in a single pass, with no surface moisture apparent on the product.
  • Other applications for Admoist include heating of stems prior to rolling, and the addition of 'casing' or other additives which is combined with the conditioning process.
  • The majority of stems conditioning systems can be dirty, and require frequent cleaning to maintain efficiency. Admoist does not suffer from this difficulty, as the process is inherently self-cleaning.
  • The tumbling and mixing action of the rotor ensures that all surfaces of the product are exposed to the wetting, steaming and if fitted casing sprays.
  • APS is part of pneumatic conveying of tobacco.
  • Airflow carries the product across the face of a screen and thereby gets decelerated, which provides separation of Air and Tobacco.
  • Product falls through a rotary air lock.
  • Air passes through the screen to bag filter and blower.
  • Various sizes of APS are available, selection is based on the product and desired throughput.
  • Tippers are used to tip product from C48 box or 1 m3 box to any height.
  • Normally used to tip Dry Stem, Add backs and Cut tobacco to a Maker feeder.
  • Fitted with Safety barriers and manual operation push button station.
  • Normally connected to an Auto feed or Holding band, depending on the application.
  • Vibratory Conveyors are of mass balanced design.Simple, robust and most efficient conveying equipment.
  • Depending on layout, vibes are designed, viz., Normal, Semi compressed, Fully compressed, Inverted etc.
  • Built in features are linked to application.
  • Can be fitted with Pneumatic trap doors or Metal detecting head etc.
  • Silos are used for blending and bulking of product, to achieve uniformity of moisture and even mix of exit product.
  • Generally chain driven which in turn has a prime mover comprising of geared motor.
  • Doffers ensure uniform discharge across the cross section with minimum product degradation.
  • Many variants like Standard, Nose to Nose, Multi deck etc., are available.
  • Band Conveyors are of modular construction.
  • Size/type depends on the product throughput, layout, application etc.
  • Construction includes various types: Troughed, Flat, Reversible, High speed etc.
  • Additional features depend on application.
  • Can be fitted with Inband weighing system, Metal detecting head etc.
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